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The Advantages of Metal Handrails

Metal handrails are a ubiquitous sight all around society. In any situation with even the slightest chance of falling, slipping or tripping, a metal handrail can be seen, ready to offer support and steady the public as they go about their days.

Even small falls can result in long-lasting and debilitating injuries – like a twisted ankle caused by stumbling down a single step – so it’s easy to see the essential nature of a handrail system like these. More dramatic fall hazards, like walkways, industrial areas, preserved historical sites, and tall stairways will also need some equally secure manner of protection from the potential fall, and metal handrails are a perfect solution.

Advantages of Metal Handrails

Absolutely essential to assuring adequate safety standards can be maintained, a metal handrail system provides more versatility, durability and strength than competing systems. Unlike a polymer, wooden or concrete railing, metal handrails are not brittle – they will not snap or fracture under immense stress, but will instead bend or deform, retaining most of their impressive strength and ability to protect the populace. They are also considerably lighter in weight than an equivalently powerful handrail system made from other materials – in order for a wooden handrail to exhibit the same strength, it must be vastly thicker and heavier than steel, for example. Perhaps most importantly, metal handrail systems are also much more durable and hard-wearing than alternative materials, able to resist climatic conditions and retain their capabilities over long periods of time.

Stainless steel handrail systems are extraordinarily resistant to corrosion, including rusting caused by rain, and are therefore resistant to the first stages of weathering. Where concrete will eventually be damaged by changes of temperature and freeze-thaw erosion, crumbling, cracking and losing its integrity, stainless steel handrail systems will stand strong. Where wood will absorb water and rot over time, losing critical strength, stainless steel metal handrails stay at full strength.

In addition to this durability, metal handrails are versatile. The properties of steel make it well-suited to complex builds, and it is possible to construct modular handrails with intermediate rails, kickplates (or toe plates) and spacing of bars and balls to suit your needs. With metal handrails, you are able to incorporate rises and falls in the height of your railing, hairpin bends and returns, and other complex patterns. Simply put: a metal handrail system can fit perfectly to your requirements, whatever your requirements are.

If you are interested in metal handrails, or you would like to discuss the potential installation of a metal handrail and request a quote for your premises based on your requirements, you can get in touch with metal handrail experts Guardrail Engineering on 01902871208 or contact them via their website, linked on this page. With decades of experience at the forefront of the guardrail and safety rail industry, they will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your requirements, ensuring the safety of the public and your workforce. Contact them today for all your handrail and guardrail needs!

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