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Simple Affordable Makeovers that will Transform Your Home

Renovate your Kitchen with these Affordable Tips

Cost-Effective Kitchen Makeover
A kitchen makeover or upgrade does not have to cost you a fortune. If your kitchen has a tired look or you feel the need to have a fancy space, our creative transformation ideas are worth a try. You do not have to rip the tiles and counter apart or remove all the appliances. These small, economical, and practical changes with upgrade your kitchen to a whole new level.

Affordable Makeovers

Paint the Cabinets
Having a new colour on your cabinets is an easy and cheap way of renovating your kitchen. If your kitchen background is cream or white, you can give your space a fresh new look by going for the latest colours in the market. Before painting your cabinetry, use a primer to avoid using too many paint coats. Most importantly, consider a water-friendly and washable finish so that you can clean your cabinets easily.

Install Hardware
New kitchen hardware accessorises your kitchen the same way jewellery enhances an outfit’s look. You do not have to invest a lot on new hardware. Changing or installing new cabinetry parts such as pulls, hinges, and knobs that are within your price range can upgrade your old kitchen feel. With the full range of hardware products, finishes, styles, and shapes you can customize your kitchen’s look in an affordable budget, within a short time. If you are looking for a better hardware impact on your cabinets’ appearance, go for pulls instead of knobs. While both pulls and knobs serve the same purpose, knobs are more visible.

Decorative Lighting
Renovate your kitchen by illuminating the dark corners using puck lights, tape lights or rope lights under cabinet tops and see your workspace glow with ambiance. Take caution when installing these lights by hiring a certified electrician to avoid electricity-related accidents. Often, most homeowners overlook the kickplate. For ambiance, you can enhance the look around the cabinetry base by installing rope lights. More so, you can use the rope lights as your night lights so guests and children can navigate the kitchen easily after lights are out.

Replacing an old faucet is easy and affordable. A new faucet can enhance the look of your sink space. If you are considering purchasing a new faucet, take note of the size and number of holes that are located at the back of your sink to select one, compatible with your sink. More information on faucets can be found here.

Installing New Worktops
Getting new kitchen countertops can change the entire appearance of your old kitchen. The market today has a variety of beautiful and affordable worktops to suit different preferences. Whether you choose a solid surface, butcher block, granite, or laminate, you can find the countertop finish that fit your style and budget.

Makeover by Kitchen Magic suggests that an upgrade does not have to be expensive and time-consuming; use accessories to irradiate your space instantly. Make sure to choose accessories that blend with your kitchen theme. Also, consider decluttering and reorganizing your worktop and only display your favourite accessories. You can use a dresser to display your neat stack of glassware, cups, and crockery.

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