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How To Prevent and Get Rid of Mold In your Home

It is the silent killer, that one thing that invades your home fast you wonder what sent it your way. Mold and mildew are fungi that thrive in watery and wet conditions.  Even though mold is an essential organic component for the soil, and it is an essential ingredient for making penicillin and brie, it poses a serious health issue when you let it creep into your home. It releases microspores which are responsible for different health conditions.

Some of the pressing issues that result from mold growth include headaches, worsening, allergies, sinus congestion, and other respiratory conditions. The effects are worse when you have children or when you are pregnant because mold can cause serious medical issues.  You don’t want to be the sickly French tutor Mississauga just because of mold, do you?

Also, beware of the fact that mold eradication will not be a simple task, you have to eliminate the source entirely.

Get Rid of Mold In your Home

How to get rid of mold

  1. Identify the source and fix it

Even though it is impossible to make your home mold-proof, you can make it mold-resistant. Check the basement as it is the one part of the house harboring mold most of the time. You can also tell that there is mold in other parts of the house if you notice frequent condensation on the upstairs windows or if there is a persistent leak on the ceiling. Fix the leak, and for the basement, you will have to keep it dry after aerating it.

  1. Thorough cleaning

Unless you are planning to abandon your home, you have no other way about mold; you will have to clean the house first, thoroughly.

Here are some of the items you will need: a dust mask, latex or rubber gloves, mop and sponges, a vacuum with a brush attachment, furniture polish, and disinfectant chlorine bleach. You may also want to throw in some non-ammonia detergent soap, a commercial cleaner, and soap.

  1. Dry, wet areas immediately

As mentioned above, mold needs water and wetness to survive. This means that the first step to eradicating mold involves drying bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and other parts of the house immediately.

If you have water-damaged carpets and furniture, get the outdoors. You also need to ensure that your wall-to-wall carpet remains dry throughout. But, it isn’t just about the big things, little habits like leaving wet clothes in the house contribute to the growth of mold.

  1. Ventilate the house

Is your routine encouraging the growth of mold? Perhaps you have mold because of your cooking, bathing, or doing laundry. Therefore, you should vent your appliances, especially the ones that produce moisture – think of the clothes dryer or the stove. You should also clean them often to ensure that they do not produce moisture.

  1. Get mold-resistant products

For control of mold, you will have to equip your home with some of the best mold resistant products like mold-resistant drywall or paint with mold inhibitors. If you cannot have the whole house equipped with mold-resistant walls, target the moisture-prone parts of your house.

Finally, you can prevent mold from being cautious about humidity. Monitor the humidity levels of your home and ensure that it stays within a range of 30 to 60n percent. You should also direct water from your home, clean and repair the roof gutters, and improve airflow in your home. You should also keep mold off your indoor plants, and freshen your fabric and upholstery. Here is the hard one – toss if it is beyond redemption.

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