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Determining the Optimum Dosage of Dianabol without Damaging Your Body

Created back in the 1950’a Dianabol continues to be one of the best loved steroids among athletes and bodybuilders. And by witnessing its sky-rocketing demand even in the 21st century, you can say that its popularity is not going to diminish over the years. When it comes to considering the dosages of Dianabol, there are certain rules of thumb that you need to follow.

Dosage forthe First Timers

If you have never tried any type of anabolic steroids in the past and hitting straight to Dianabol, then you have to be extra careful about its dosage. Ideally, keep your dose lower that what a seasoned bodybuilder would prefer taking. This will ensure that you do not land up with side-effects or similarly troubling situations. Experts offering dosage guide for beginners maintain that a newbie can go safe with a daily dosage of 10 mg.  However, if you want to experience the actual anabolic effect that Dianabol is formulated to give, you have to wait till you manage to increase your dosage to 20-25 mg per day. The increase in dosage, however, should not be done rapidly. Beginners, who experience little or no side effect with the intake of the steroid, can take up to 25 mgs of the supplement every day. This might be a low-dosage, you may think. However, it will give you all the strength that a kick starter will require. Plus, with the right exercise and diet, you can see your body transforming gradually for good. However, ladies, you would rather not take this steroid as it can land you with side effects too harsh for your body.

Dianabol without Damaging Your Body

Increasing the Dosage

If you have had a positive and rewarding experience with your 20-25 mg sessions with Dianabol, then you might want to continue using it for a while. And the good news is, with proper administration, you will stay in a safe zone even after prolonged use. You can increase your dosage up to 30mg to 50 mg a day. For most of the men, a daily intake of 50 mg of Dianabol is marked as the ‘ceiling’ limit. Surpassing this quantity can lead you to adverse effects. Even if you are a competing body builder and need a higher dosage during your off-season months, make sure that you do not continue taking it for more than two months at a stretch.

Optimum Duration of Usage

Whether you are a beginner or a regular user of Dianabol, it makes sense not to use it for more than six weeks at a stretch. In very rare cases, an athlete will need to stretch the usage time to eight weeks. But this is not recommended normally. The short-term usage will prevent your body from capturing the toxic effects of Dianabol. Following the dosage guide for beginners is especially important. This is because; any type of careless consumption can bring in severe harm to your liver. Of course, you can stack it with other androgenic steroids. If you want to start another Dianobol-only cycle after your first session, then ensure that you keep at least twelve weeks gap between the two cycles.

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