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Building Smart with Smartphones

When you think of all the different industries and businesses which rely on mobile devices, the first thing to come to your mind is probably not the construction or interior design industries. But you may be surprised by all the helpful uses that smartphones and tablets can provide. The way technology is rapidly advancing, it makes you wonder what new feature will be offered next. With new Apple products coming soon, the latest and greatest technology and apps are likely just around the corner.

Building Smart with Smartphones

Interior Designers

Some of the ways that a mobile device can help an interior designer are fairly obvious. Designers work with a number of clients, and they frequently travel to homes and construction sites for meetings with a buyer. So it should come as no surprise that the basic features of smartphones can come in handy.

First and foremost, they can take phone calls on the go. This is such a common, basic feature that’s become fairly taken for granted. But for an interior designer who is always on the move, mobile calling is absolutely necessary.  And speaking of being on the move, the ability to access maps and driving navigation tools are extremely helpful. A designer can enter a client’s address and then not worry about needing directions.

Other basic phone features that interior designers depend on is a phone’s camera and calendar apps. Having a camera is essential for planning and upselling during a project. It’s so nice to be able to easily take photos of home or room, then use photo editing software to digitally alter furniture, colors, textures, and more.

The calendar app provides the ability to schedule appointments and set reminders. Without their phones, designers would be lost and confused, missing appointments and showing up late to meetings.

In addition to basic smartphone features, there are a great many ways that interior designers can benefit from a mobile device. There are some really neat apps available that help with the design process. From selecting and matching colors, to adding virtual decorations and furniture, there are a great many apps that can help provide a client with top-notch service. For example, when planning a room’s lighting, there are even apps that can predict when sunlight shines through a window at different times of the year.

Construction Companies

Mobile devices are very helpful for construction companies, too.  They also benefit from mobile calling, navigation assistance, and scheduling appointments with a calendar app. And there are many more apps available that cater especially towards builders and remodelers.

Construction works can download an app that accurately measures distance, so they can instantly calculate the length of a room or foundation. Another app can serve as a digital level, and help ensure something is perfectly horizontal.

There are a great many business apps available as well, which can assist with pricing calculations, demand forecasting, upgrade options, provide 3D renderings completed projects, and even read and modify floor plans and engineering.

It’s amazing just how important mobile devices have become, in just about every single industry and job. Interior designers and construction workers are no different — today’s business requires knowing how to use the mobile tools at our fingertips. By doing so, businesses will get the edge on the competition as they maintain a growing list of happy customers.

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