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Best Working Space Which Anyone Can Get

Since childhood we have been told that school is our second home. True, as we were by occupation students then. As we grow up and become adults we get to choose our occupation. Now, our office becomes our second home. We spend most of our essential time there. That is a place which helps us suffice the basic necessities of life. Unless you have a good work space and cool surrounding it will never be possible for you to give your best at work. Also, your potential clients shall become your clients if they are impressed by your work and can depend on your skills. A shabby small place won’t give them that assurance. We understand the importance of a good office and thus have come together with this concept of offering perfect office space.

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Our Work Life Community

We, Bridgeworks bring the most suitable office space for all. If you are a single person or a group of member (up to 6) who want to avail an office space we have it. . Our office space ideas are not restrictive and they are 24/7 accessible at a Daily, weekly or monthly rate.

If you like to share your working space, we have a common space area. You can be co-working with people at your assigned desk in the common space. You can be a member of this for a day, week or month as well. You get to enjoy all our associated facilities at a cheaper rate with this.

When we say facilities we have a huge list. Let’s start with the basic ones for now. There are conference and meeting rooms, open lounge, sound proof and modern glass made offices.

Working Space

What More Do We Have To Offer?

Yes, we have more in our bag of goodness. You will be glad to know that we have high speed wi-fi, printing facility, free coffee, dedicated parking spaces, flexible arrangements, mailbox, bike racks, and surfboard storage all as facilities. All types of members are entitled to use these facilities. Our membership starts from a price as low as $45.

The list is not over yet. One very uncommon facility we have is the virtual address for your business. Increase your brand value with professional address at our facility. Along with that we have something more like your mail sorted in a dedicated mail box, 8hrs, mail routing, call routing, a month of facility access and a day pass.

Visit Us

I think we have given you enough reasons to choose us. You will be overwhelmed to see our work community in your tour with us. Visit us at https://bridgeworkslongbeach.com/. You can also subscribe for receiving updates about our upcoming events. Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us in the social networking sites to know more. We have our contact details in the site. For further queries please contact us. We shall be glad to help you settle your doubts.

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