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Avoiding Rust in Your Home

Unchecked cases of rust can cause damage around the house. You can help prevent rust by being proactive, saving money and time. You can follow the below steps to avoid rust in your home: Paint Plain Metals Uncoated metals are prone to oxidization and eventual rust. This can lead to deterioration and defacement, rendering an item useless in some cases. If you want to avoid rust in your home, you should locate the bare metal surfaces in your house and apply a coat of paint to them. If the uncovered metal surfaces have already attracted rust, sand it off before applying paint. You may use elastomeric or acrylic spray paint and apply more than one coat of paint.

Ensure Tools Are Dry and Clean One of the best ways to avoid rust in your home is to ensure that all the tools are dry and clean. You should also keep tools in a well-maintained, dry storage space. Dirt, dust and grime that are allowed to buildup on your tools increase the risk of rust formation. It is therefore essential for you to clean, dry and store tools each time after use. It is also important to protect tools from the elements: store tools in a tool box or in a dry location in the garage or the shed.

Avoiding Rust in Your Home

Use Stainless Steel Stainless steel is relatively protected from corrosion. Hence, you should use items made from stainless steel whenever possible to avoid rust in your home. Stainless steel also has a chic and contemporary look to it, making it the ideal choice in modern homes.

It is very easy to clean and a great addition to your kitchen! Use Oil-Resistant, Water-Displacing Lubricants There are many spray lubricants that penetrate oil and displace water. They are generally used for squeaky hinges but also have rust-preventing qualities. You can spray the lubricants on metal garage-door parts, hinges, tools, roller-door locks and any other metallic areas. This will prevent their oxidization thereby lowering the likelihood of rust development.

Wash Your Car Regularly Rust doesn’t just affect your home – it affects your car, too. Dust that collects on a car can rapidly attract rust formation. To prevent this, wash the car regularly to get rid of all the grime and dirt. You can also wax the car at least once on a quarter.

 This will provide an additional protective layer and considerably increase the defense your car’s defense against rust. Don’t be a victim of rust! By painting plain metals, drying and cleaning your tools, using stainless steel and oil-resistant, water-displacing lubricants, you can prevent rust in your home.

 By washing and waxing your car regularly, you’ll protect it, too! This article was written by Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who looks forward to helping you have an even better home! He writes this on behalf of Texas Iron and Metal, your number one choice for all your iron and metal needs!

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