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All about Naval Godrej’s Career and Achievements

Naval Godrej is famously known as Naoroji. Mr. Naval son of Pirojsha godrej is the founder of Godrej group. Naval never went for higher education but had the curiosity to observe and study the flair for machines. He was never seen on his desk rather he was always found with his workers in the shop. By working together with the workers he not only learned engineering but also gained respect from his team. Naval was very simple in his attire and demeanor. He was very famous for his humble behavior. Also he was very friendly and approachable.

Naval Godrej’s Career and Achievements

Personal information 

He was very much into setting the machine tools and started international exhibition of different machine tools. With his efforts and support Godrej got the first order of manufacturing satellite products from ISRO. Since then Godrej never had to look back and kept on succeeding. There are many such Naval Godrej achievements we will discover in the article below. In building the industrial powerhouse Mr. Naval was the main reason behind its success. People who knew him were never amazed of his achievements. Naval was a very distinctive personality yet he was very private as well. He believed in doing good work and never gave speeches and interviews.

Naval’s career

Importance is being given to industrialization even before our country got the freedom but the mail credit should be given to Naval for starting the manufacturing of the tools used in machines nearly a decade ago. Naval created a non-breaking path of machines that even involves 35 power presses. He also started the manufacturing of metal forming machines, machines tool and cutting machines. Type writers were never seen before in Asia until Naval found it. It required highly qualified machinery and workmanship. It took naval four years to start the manufacturing of typewriters because of the wartime and raw material restrictions. Manufacturing of the typewriters was not at all an easy task for Naval as it took many models before he got satisfied with soft touch keys. Soft touch keys are a feature in the typewriter that makes the typist’s job easy. This led to the shutdown of foreign typewriters in India.

First refrigerator 

After the first typewriter Naval wanted to help Indian people access some more modern conveniences. After many efforts Godrej succeeded in making the first 7.3 feet refrigerator. In future many different models of refrigerator were introduced. This was among one of the biggest Naval Godrej Achievements. After the refrigerator and manufacturing of metal machines Naval became an obvious choice for guiding the manufacturing association. He became the president of the exhibition and he donated his land for the hosting of the exhibition. The land was used for projection, planning and execution.

60s was a period of transformation for India when Godrej made new products locally. Among the other Naval Godrej achievements one more transformation was forklift trucks. Forklift trucks had the capacity of loading 2.25 tons and were ready in market by 1963. The biggest breakthrough was when Naval himself signed the order of exporting forklift trucks to Russia.

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