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Accessories To Make The Home And Bathroom Of Your Dreams

It doesn’t take an interior designer to make your home spectacular. All you need is the combination of your own imagination and our beautiful accessories to create that magical finish. Throughout the bathroom and bedroom, our stunning products give the personal touch you’ll love living in every day.

Our company history The Christy Towel has been the sign of English elegance in the home since 1850 when the terry towel first established itself as a luxury household item for the discerning host. From Queen Victoria to the Lawn Tennis Association at Wimbledon, people and organizations who have sought quality have always selected these beautifully soft materials to represent them and make visitors and guests feel special. That history has helped turn our company into a well-respected and highly desirable English brand.

Home And Bathroom Of Your Dreams

For over a decade we have been turning our knowledge and expertise in the finest homeware materials into a variety of bed linen and curtains, to complement the presence of our Christy #towels in your home. These coordinated sets make a stunning scene of any bedroom and come in a range of fabrics to match the experience in which you choose to envelop yourself at the end of the day. They come in a selection of options to match every size of the bed and the combination of bedding.

For the younger members of your family we also offer children’s complete bedroom sets, so they too can surround themselves in the beauty of Christy products. The world famous Gruffly is a particular favorite, not just of the literary world, but now as a range of products for the home, both bedroom, and bathroom. Outside of your own home, if you want to share your experience of our homewares with family and friends, why not look at our range of gifts which will offer something for all generations, including lighting, candles, and soft toys.

Ordering and delivery for those who long to feel the softness of our fabrics, Christy products are available to purchase in store from a large number of quality homewares outlets. Our location finder will quickly and easily identify the stockist closest to you and their contact details.

 Alternatively, you can order directly from our central office using our simple, easy-to-follow online ordering system. Our secure payment methods and reliable tracking system will provide you with peace of mind until your goods arrive within 5 working days. With free delivery on all orders, it really is reliable and fast to have these gorgeous home and bathroom accessories arrive at your door.

If our company history and the long line of ambassadors of our fine quality products don’t convince you, then find out for yourself by seeing and touching our wonderful #towels and bed linen in one of our many stockiest, to discover why so many homes don’t feel complete until they have the finishing touch from Christy.

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