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All about Naval Godrej’s Career and Achievements

Naval Godrej’s Career and Achievements

Naval Godrej is famously known as Naoroji. Mr. Naval son of Pirojsha godrej is the founder of Godrej group. Naval never went for higher education but had the curiosity to observe and study the flair for machines. He was never seen on his desk rather he was always found with …

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Expectations in Union budget 2017 of India

Union budget 2017 of India

The union budget of India has always been the most anticipated event of the country. And this year, the budget has even some unique features as well. Conventionally, the budget was announced on the last date of February but this year the date has changed. But the union budget 2017-2018 …

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Some Features For That Make of a Smart Home

Smart Home

Home is all it is all about. Home is the reason and home is the end to it all. It is within the secured and warm walls of this space called home that one starts the new day and says the final goodbye to all the mind sapping activities. It …

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